Am I exempt from Sale Tax?


If you are purchasing as a tax-exempt entity such as a non-profit, educational institution, government agency, or religious organization, please create an account then email us a copy of your Letter of Exemption or signed Certificate of Exemption at [email protected]. Once we receive it, we will update your account and notify you that your account has been updated to not include sales tax.


Distributors purchasing with the intent to resell also qualify for sales tax exempt purchases. After creating an account, please email [email protected] a completed and signed Certificate of Resale for the state(s) you have a resale certificate. Once we receive it, we will update your account and notify you that your account is ready for tax free purchases.


Florida Resellers can fill out a FL DR13 and submit your resale certificate to avoid paying sales tax in the state of Florida. SW Premier Products only collects sales tax in the state of Florida.


Where is my package?

We strive to make sure you know where your package is at all times. We will update your tracking within 24 hours of your package shipping from our warehouse.


What if my package shows up damaged?

If your package showed up damaged, please contact us right away so we can take the appropriate measure to ensure you receive the product you ordered. We understand that sometimes accidents happen and strive to reduce the chance this happens by packaging all your items as securely as possible. In the instance a package does show up damaged we will require pictures of the product and shipping box so we can address the issue with the carrier.


How do I know what type of receipt paper to use for my printer?

There are three common types of printer receipt paper: thermal, bond, and carbonless. Thermal receipt paper is the most commonly used receipt paper in the industry today. Thermal paper uses heat to make the impressions, therefore it does not need a ribbon. Due to using heat impressions this type of paper is generally not used in a warm kitchen environment as it will turn black under the heat lamps.


The 1-ply bond paper is most similar to computer paper and will require a printer ribbon to leave the impression on the paper. Don’t forget to order our printer ribbons with this paper.


The carbonless paper generally comes in a 2-ply or a 3-ply paper and will need ink to leave the impression. The first sheet will be white paper which receives the ink, the second sheet will be yellow/canary, and the third sheet will be pink. Each of these sheets acts as a different part of the process; usually one for the customer, one for the register, and one for the kitchen. Don’t forget to order our printer ribbons with this paper.


Each style comes in several different widths and lengths so if you are unsure about what your machines require please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 941.275.6677.


What does O.E.M. stand for?

Original Equipment Manufacturer.

How do I know if I am buying the original brand?

Original brand products will bear the trademark name of the manufacturer of the machine on the product packaging. For example, Brother, Canon, and HP manufacture machines and they also offer the supplies for those machines. If you do not see the trademark brand name on the packaging, chances are you are buying a generic.

Are "generic" brand imaging supplies manufactured according to the same guidelines as "generic" prescription medicines?

Yes and No. There are thousands of manufacturers worldwide of "generic" products. It is important to know that international quality standards are in place to protect the consumer and ensure reliability. However, not all companies conform to these standards. Our brand products are manufactured according to strict guidelines including ISO 9001 and STMC certifications. Of course no certification will ever supersede the importance of buying from a reputable supplier to ensure consistency and product warranty compliance.

Are original brands the same as generic brands?

Yes, in many cases, other than the outer product packaging; original supplies are often identical to their generic rivals. In addition, many O.E.M. brand products are manufactured under license to companies who package and distribute for the O.E.M. What many consumers do not realize is that the word "generic" is often used (as is the case with generic prescription medicines) to indicate that it is an authorized replacement to the original brand.


What agency or organization is used to regulate the quality and reliability of "generic" imaging supplies?

In the U.S. we recognize Standard Testing Methods Committee. "STMC" and in Europe, we use the "CE" mark. The international standard is ISO 9000.


Are your products equal to the O.E.M. in quality and page yield?

Yes, all our brands our manufactured to meet or exceed the O.E.M. and we always include the page yield for easy comparison.


What is the difference between remanufactured, compatible and new compatible?

"Remanufactured" is defined as any rebuilt product that incorporates some or all of the original parts or components. "New compatible" means that there are no remanufactured parts or components incorporated into the product. "Compatible" is often confused with both. The best way to define it is to say that the term "compatible" is used to identify functionality instead of material composition. For example, some products are manufactured using both new parts (those that wear and deteriorate more rapidly) and 100% new parts and are sold as "remanufactured". What is sometimes puzzling to many consumers and illogical at times is that many leading O.E.M. brands re-use components yet they do not call their products "remanufactured". Oddly, evidence of this practice is often written on the product packaging. Therefore, by this definition a conclusion can be made that many "remanufactured" products are "equal" or "compatible" to the O.E.M. Our approach is to educate our customers to allow the consumer to make an informed decision by providing them options. The best approach for us is to be more honest and forthright when we advertise them.


Will your cartridges void my printer warranty?

No, our imaging supplies are manufactured according to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) specifications. Furthermore, it is unlawful for an equipment manufacturer to require you to use their original supply. To learn more about this, please review the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.


Is toner hazardous to my health when it comes in contact with my skin?

No, if you come in contact with toner powder, simply wash with soap and water to remove. There are no known health risks associated with the installation and removal of toner cartridges when replacing or replenishing your printer supply under normal use and wear. For a complete listing of toner properties, please review the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).


Is toner hazardous to my health if it is inhaled?

Yes and No. Prolonged inhalation of toner can lead to respiratory complications. However, there are no known cases of any permanent damage nor is toner carcinogenic. For a complete listing of toner properties, please review the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).


Why are SW Premier Products toner products so much less expensive compared to the O.E.M.?

We get this question frequently and the answer is a bit of a paradox. While the original brand often costs less to make compared to our brand, it is often sold at a much higher price. The O.E.M. often costs less to make because the production speed, capacity and volume is typically greater by model than our own factory production. Because we subject our cartridges to extremely high quality standards which reduces the production output, we produce fewer in the same amount of time as most other companies. However, our selling price is based upon our true cost which is comprised of materials and workmanship, freight, and administrative costs for the sale and distribution of those products.